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Ever since the 1920′s, Clarksdale, MS, has been known as the hub for blues culture. Since it’s located where two Highways connect (highway 61 & 49) meet, and where many railroads kept passenger terminals depots fared very well economically for Clarksdale in early times. With it’s economy booming, audiences for entertainment were created, thus allowing the blues culture to flourish.

Many famous blues artists such as: Sam Cooke, John Lee Hooker, Jackie Brenston, Muddy Waters, W. C. Handy, Junior Parker, Ike Turner and Son House were brought up right here in Clarksdale! Clarksdale has kept that historic culture preserved for you in many of the local tourist attractions listed on this site. june


Things to do in Clarksdale

  • Mississippi Blues Trail

    Mississippi Blues Trail

    Check out all eight of these exciting locations when you’re on the Mississippi Blues Trail. Coahoma County is the site of eight locations on the famous trail. 1. “Livin’ at

  • Mississippi Canoe Trips

    Mississippi Canoe Trips

    Clarksdale offers custom-guided adventures to help you explore beautiful areas, get a little bit more out of the city than just the blues, and take back some wonderful memories with

  • Muddy Water’s Cabin

    Muddy Water’s Cabin

    Muddy Water’s Cabin in Clarksdale, Mississippi was a recording site for many famous songs by Muddy Waters and other musicians. In 1941, on a basic recording trip paid for by

  • Hopson Plantation & Commissary

    Hopson Plantation & Commissary

    looks much the same today as it did fifty years ago. It is a building that is chock full of antique and important and historical stuff that imbues the place

  • The Crossroads

    The Crossroads

    , also called the “Devil’s Crossroads”, was where Robert Johnson made a deal with the devil where he would sell him his soul if he taught him mastery of the


Clarksdale Hotels

  • The Lofts at the Five & Dime

    The Lofts at the Five & Dime

    The Lofts at the Five & Dime are truly unique. They are very posh, sumptuous, elegant, and beautiful. They are located right in the heart of downtown Clarksdale. They have

  • The Loft at Hopson

    The Loft at Hopson

    The Loft at Hopson is a great little spot to check out and stay in when you’re in Clarksdale. It sleeps six people, so you can bring some friends, their

  • The Clark House

    The Clark House

    Clark House is a residential inn with true elegance, sumptuousness, and class. The Clark House is situated right in the heart of Clarksdale, Mississippi. This is the core of the

  • The Squeeze Box apartment

    The Squeeze Box apartment

    If you’ve never heard of the Squeeze Box, then you’re missing out on the best of what Clarksdale has to offer. It’s a big, breezy private apartment built for vacation

  • Delta Cotton Company Apartments

    Delta Cotton Company Apartments

    The Delta Cotton Company Apartments are situated right atop the Ground Zero Blues Club in what used to serve as a cotton-grading warehouse. That’s pretty weird until you think about



  • Pinetop Perkins Homecoming

    Pinetop Perkins Homecoming

    The Annual Pinetop Perkins Homecoming is a big event. The Pinetop Perkins Homecoming is put on by the Pinetop Perkins Foundation. The Pinetop Perkins Homecoming Celebration started with the commitment

  • Juke Joint Festival

    Juke Joint Festival

    The 10th annual Juke Joint Festival is a must-see event, and a festival that’s part blues, part small-town fair that can’t be missed. It’s all about the Delta, and you’ll

  • Clarksdale Caravan Music Festival

    Clarksdale Caravan Music Festival

    The Clarksdale Caravan Music Festival is free to go to. Wouldn’t you want to go to amazing blues music festival that was free? You can attend one of the coolest

  • Delta Jubilee

    Delta Jubilee

    If you want to experience a weekend full of fun and entertainment, then come to the Delta Jubilee. It runs from June 1st to 2nd. It features musicians like Ricky

  • Sunflower Blues Festival

    Sunflower Blues Festival

    The Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival certainly has a great name. The first originated initially in 1988, and it was given the funds by the Clarksdale merchants. It had